16 & 17 February 2019



App God

Here is a platform where some real time innovators can enjoy. App God does not require app development or coding skills. All that is needed is an idea using which the participant can build up mock screens depicting the User Interface. He also gives a presentation where he describes the functionality of the app and the main idea or result that he wants to achieve. During the presentation he can also propose a business model/ plan which can show the estimated investment, expected profit probably break-even point, etc.


We all love selfies, right?

What would be better than an event based on the selfies?

The basic theme of the event is to imagine as if you are a BRAND AMBASSADOR, and you have to endorse the brand. Participants need to post a selfie with the product which is allotted to them and have to come up with a new tagline for the product and you have to hype about the product. The event will be judged on the creativity and how much buzz your product has created.

King of Marketing

This event helps discover the marketer in you. Participants in teams has to collect junk from the college campus some used/ refurbished/ recyclable products using which they can create an entirely different product thereby tapping the potential in the innovators. The winners of the event are decided based upon the extent of creativity imparted in the making of the product and quality of the marketing strategy used. This event will definitely test whether you are ingenious enough to overcome the various impediments that marketers and innovators brook around the globe.